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William# Jordan

Anne# Pool

  • Born: 1732
  • Marriage: William# Jordan on 29 Sep 1761 in Burton On Trent
  • Died: Feb 1795 aged 63
  • Buried: Feb 1795, St.Modwen's, Burton On Trent


YoD and approx YoB from gravestone in Burton upon Trent.

IGI: There is a HANNAH Pool dau of Hugh and Hannah, bapt 6 Dec 1730 in Rushton Spencer, Staffs - however this is nr Macclesfield, so some distance from Burton. Given number of Hannah's (inc her own dau) I wonder if she WAS Hannah, but known as Anne?

Also, given that nearly 30 when married, I wonder if Pool is a married name, ie she was born Butt (or something else) but was the Widow Pool when marrying Wm?

In Bateman biog she is Anna, but on chr. records on three of her children she is Ann, so I have assumed this is correct .... (later) but on grave is Anne, so I'm now going with that !

Henry Bateman biog "One of her Uncles was the the Rev Dr. Butt another I assume that Dr Butt was my grandmother's brother and Crump(s) and Salt the husbands of her sisters. Crump(s) surgeon at Albrighton, Shrops and a third (possibly by marriage) Mr Salt the father of Henry Salt our Consul General in Egypt".

From this, having read about Salt and the Butt sisters - Lucy and Mary Ann - the following would seem to be the case;

Dr.Carey Butt (d1781) married Elizabeth Marten/Martin(d March 1801) 3 Apr 1737, Lichfield;
..Alice Butt married Thomas Salt , had 8 children in total inc;
......John Butt Salt MD (eldest son) xxx - 1804, died unmarried
......Jane Salt (1771-1865) m firstly Robert Halls MD, secondly Lt-Col de Vismes
.........(1758-1840), he later succeed to title and she become Comtesse de Vismes,
.........several children
......Elizabeth Butt Salt married Simon Morgan, surgeon
......Thomas Salt, died at sea on trading vessel
......Charles Salt, Doctor in Cheltenham, married firstly Miss Meacock (issue
.........Catherine), secondly to Miss Wolferston
......Henry Salt (youngest child) 14/06/1780 Lichfield - 30/10/1827 Alexandria
..John Marten Butt, (b 14 Oct 1738, d 1769) died in Bath without issue
..Rev Dr George Butt DD (d 1795 or 1796 in Stanford, Worcs), married Martha Sherwood
..Chaplain in Ordinary to George III;
......Mary Martha (1785-1851), married cousin Capt. Henry Sherwood, author
......Lucy Lyttelton (1781-1858), m Rev George Cameron in 1806,12 children, author
..Rev Thomas Simon Butt (d Blurton 1801)
......Three unknown issue
Also logically;
..Ann Butt, married William Jordan - THIS PERSON??, married Crump the Surgeon of Albrighton

Alternatively could be related to one of the Butt wives/husbands, which would mean Hubbal, Congreve, Sherwood (a cousin) or Lyttelton.

I also have Butt family tree which largely supports this, but does NOT show the Crump or Jordan connections, indeed shows Carey's ONLY dau as the Alice who married Charles Salt. Doesn't however show any siblings to Carey which might be a possible place for a link ...?

However it doesn't mention Jordan or Crump (or evidence of other siblings) in any of the references I've found to Butt and/or Salt, so to enter it we'd be relying 100% on Bateman's (largely illegible) biog. Hmmm. Almost certainly there IS some blood connection (if nothing else William BUTT Jordan) , but it worries me that it might not be exactly as outlined above - there could be second/third marriages involved etc. etc. As first step we need to uncover marriage details of William Jordan and Ann Butt and see if her father is listed as Cary. This could be tricky as don't even know where/when they married !! Although presumably circa 1760s and possibly in Lichfield, Staffs (only 11 miles from Burton) .... although appear to have found Wm Jordan marriage to Anne POOL in 1761 in Burton. Hhhhhmm.

Sir William Butts (1485-1545) is the 'Doctor Butts' in Henry VIII by Shakespeare.
Could this be the 'Physician to the King' that Ann G-P used to talk about, although I always thought that was more recent !?
This leads us all over the place including yet another author;
But this branch is too far away to go into in great detail yet!

Above in more detail;
Henry Salt (1780-1827), noted artist, traveler, diplomat, and Egyptologist.,M1
Can see that his father was Thomas Salt and his mother Alice Butt, dau of the surgeon of that place (Lichfield). It then says Alice was descended from a good family. She was the dau of Cary and Elizabeth Butt, who had also issue;
John Martin Butt MD, who died at Bath, 1769, leaving no issue

George Butt DD, Rector of Stanford, Vicar of Kidderminster and King's Chaplain who died at Stanford and left three children (We know of Mary and Lucy - who is the third ??). Rev George Butt was tutor to Lord Valencia for 3 years and it was under his roof at Stanford that his Lordship formed a friendship with John Butt Salt, MD, the elder brother of Henry. The friendship between Lord Valentia and the Butt's was subsequently drawn closer by the marriage of Rev George Cameron, a descendant of the Lytteltons, with Lucy Lyttelton Butt, dau of Dr George Butt and godchild to his lordship's mother. This Lucy Cameron was a well known author. His other dau Mary Martha Sherwood was a well known children's author.
See also

Rev Thomas Simon Butt (d1801). He for some years held the living at Arley, presented to him by Lord Valentia and which he subsequently resigned in favour of his son, the Rev Thomas Butt, the present Rector of Kynnersley in Shrops. (Did he have any other children ??)

"The maiden name of Mrs. (Mary Martha) Sherwood was Butt, and she traced her descent from an ancestor who was said to have come over with William the Conqueror. Her family was certainly one of very old-standing in the midland counties. Her grandfather, Dr. Butt, resided in Lichfield, at a time when it was the centre of a brilliant literary coterie, including Miss Seward, Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Dr. Darwin, and Mr. Day, besides being visited occasionally by Dr. Johnson and David Garrick from London. His son, George Butt, entered holy orders, and was presented to the rectory of Stanford, in Worcestershire, where his daughter, Mary Martha, the future authoress, was born in 1775. In her autobiography she has given a charming description of this place, where her girlhood's days were spent, and the remembrance of which we see vividly reproduced in her delightful pictures of English country-life in the Fairchild Fancily."

"A notable family connected with Stanford was that of Dr. George Butt, divine and poet, rector of Stanford 1771–95"

"Cary Butt, who died at Pipe Grange in Pipehill in 1781, practised in Lichfield as a surgeon. His practice was continued by his son-in-law Thomas Salt, one of four surgeons in Lichfield in 1793. Thomas, who died in 1817, was probably the 'Mr. Salt' from whom the later medical writer Shirley Palmer learnt the rudiments of medicine."

"By will Cary Butt (d. 1781) of Pipe Grange in Pipehill devised in trust for sale 3 a. in Lichfield which he had acquired from Catherine Taylor. Part was already charged with a payment of up to 10s. for the Lichfield poor. In 1783, when Butt's trustees sold the land, the rent charge was said to be 15s., payable to the poor at Christmas. The origins of the charge are unknown. Taylor's conveyance to Butt did not mention it, but she was later alleged to have been anxious to secure its payment. About 1820 the solicitor to Butt's trustees was distributing the 15s. income of what had become known as Mrs. Taylor's Charity among deserving poor, giving preference to Mrs. Taylor's kin. (fn. 101) No more is known of the charity."

"An estate known as PIPE GRANGE by 1377 (fn. 134) was held of the manor of Longdon by the prior of St. John's hospital, Lichfield, in 1298. The house was assessed for tax on three hearths in 1666. (fn. 139) In the early 18th century it comprised a main block with a small west wing. (fn. 140) It was later altered, probably by Cary Butt, a Lichfield surgeon and apothecary, who was living there in 1779; it was then described as 'a low house with two bay windows and two large parlours'. (fn. 141) Further alterations were made by Canon Hugh Bailye, chancellor of Lichfield cathedral, who was the tenant in the 1820s. (fn. 142) The house, which is rendered, had a south front of two bays, with Venetian windows to the first floor and semi-circular windows to the attics; a ground-floor room was added on the south probably in the early 20th century. A large drawing room with a bedroom above was added on the east in the later 19th century. A long, single-storeyed rear-wing probably dates from the 18th century. There was a dovecot near the house in 1398. (fn. 143) "

Familyearch on Cary Butt;
1.Carey Butt, chr 20 Mar 1708 St.Mary's, Lichfield, father Will(iam).
2.Cary Butt, marr 3 Apr 1737 St Michael's, Lichfield
3.Caret Butt, born 1745 Lichfield, father Thomas Butt, mother Sarah Ward

Married Jan. 2, 1797 at Albrighton, near Wolverhampton, Mr. Henry Lewis Galabin, of Ingram-court, Fenchurch-street, to Miss Jane Crump, eldest daughter of Mr. Crump, surgeon at Albrighton.
IGI; A George Crump of Albrighton married Sarah Wightwick in Albrighton 1774.


BUTT, George
born 1815 Oddingley baptized 02 Jul 1815 Oddingley Droitwich Worcestershire
died 28 Mar 1888 vicarage Chesterfield Derbyshire England [left £5 059]
brother to Lucy BUTT born c1814 Oddingley who married the Revd Henry HASSARD[-SHORT]
younger brother to the Revd John Martin BUTT born c1807
(1850-1884) vicar Wingrave Aylesbury Worcestershire
brother to the Revd Henry Francis BUTT (1816-1886)
third son of the Revd John MartenMartin BUTT [a John Marten BUTT died Mar ¼ 1846 registered Stone]
(1815) vicar Oddingley
(1850) vicar Wingrave Aylesbury Worcestershire
son of Carey BUTTE of Stafford born c1741 [maybe 1745 Lichfield]
married 04 Nov 1806
and Marianne/Mary Anne CONGREVE;
married [ca Jan 1842?], S George Hanover Square
Georgiana FREE born c1820 Dulwich co Kent died Sep ¼ 1855 Chesterfield Derbyshire
daughter of P FREE of Brighton;
married (2),
Elizabeth Jackson
born c1828 South Thorsby Lincolnshire (300;381;249;4;56)
Bridgnorth grammar school
15 May 1834 matriculated; serviens [sizar] Christ Church Oxford
01 Feb 1838 BA Oxford
28 Jan 1841 MA Oxford
10 Jun 1838 deacon Oxford
22 Dec 1839 priest Oxford (244;4;56;111)
1838-1841 chaplain Christ Church Oxford (111)
1841-1842 stationed Wellington (SPG funded) diocese New Zealand
resigned from SPG (47)
n d curate, Britwell, Oxfordshire diocese Oxford
n d curate Newbury Berkshire
30 Jul 1842 general licence diocese Australia
27 Jun 1844 curate Chesterfield Derbyshire diocese Lichfield
30 Mar 1851 vicar of Chesterfield (300)
15 Dec 1851-28 Mar 1888 vicar and afternoon lecturer Chesterfield (111;47)
1867-1884 rural dean (4)
1852 printed his ‘A Sermon preached on the day of the Funeral of the Duke of Wellington’
1888 father to the Revd Augustine Henry BUTT of the vicarage Chesterfield (366)
04 Apr 1888 obituary Guardian

BUTT, Henry Francis
born 24 Oct 1816 Shrewsbury Shropshire
baptized Oddingley Worcestershire where his father was now vicar
died 21 Dec 1886 aged 70 Nelson buried 23 Dec 1886 Omaka cemetery Blenheim
brother to Lucy BUTT born c1814 Oddingley Worcester married the Revd Henry HASSARD[-SHORT]
brother to the Revd George BUTT (1815-1888)
fourth son of the Revd John MartinMarten BUTT vicar Oddingley Worcestershire (1850
(1815) vicar Wingrave Aylesbury)
son of Carey BUTTE of Stafford born c1741 [maybe 1745 Lichfield]
married 04 Nov 1806
and Marianne/Mary Anne CONGREVE;
married Jun 1843 New Zealand,
Serena DAVIS teacher with CMS Waimate North
born Piddletrenthide Dorset died 18 Oct 1901
third child of Richard DAVIS farmer of Piddletrenthide Dorset, later CMS missionary Bay of Islands
born 18 Jan 1790 died 28 May 1863 Waimate
married 11 Feb 1812
and Mary CROCKER died 01 Feb 1837 (ADA 272;232;56;33;89;Crockford)
Bridgnorth grammar school Shropshire
1838 S Bartholomew hospital trained as surgeon, articled to Dr WEBB Dr of Lilleshall Shropshire
1840 passed Apothecaries Hall, and College of Surgeons
Member Royal College of Surgeons (37)
1841 missionary student of SPG
1842 - 1843 College of S John Evangelist Auckland
24 Sep 1843 deacon New Zealand (Te Waimate) (5;33)
19 Sep 1847 priest New Zealand (S Paul Auckland) (272;253;5;33;68)
26 Dec 1841 departed Plymouth TOMATIN SPG -funded ship -doctor with his brother
(and SELWYN bishop, COTTON WC et alii) to New Zealand
03 Dec 1843 services New Plymouth diocese New Zealand (218)
08 Dec 1843 arrived (with SELWYN bishop) Nelson in government brig
10 Dec 1843 assistant (to REAY CL) curate (SPG funded) and inspector of schools Nelson
21 Jan 1844 - 1856 master Bishop’s school Nelson
Nov 1846 priest-in-charge Spring Grove with Wakefield
Mar 1847 - 17 Nov 1857 priest-in-charge (with TUDOR TL assistant at Motueka) cure Nelson
06 Aug 1847 departed Nelson for Auckland to study for ordination (33;140)
26 Jun 1850 laid foundation stone Christ Church Nelson
02 Dec 1857 - Oct 1884 cure Wairau district (SPG funded) based Beavertown [Blenheim] diocese Nelson
17 May 1859 appointed surrogate (with PAUL RB, TUDOR TL, POOLE S) by HOBHOUSE bishop Nelson (33)
09 Sep 1868 appointed (1st) archdeacon Marlborough
16 Sep 1868 - 1886 (1st) archdeacon Marlborough Nelson (33;37)
Oct 1868 member 4th general synod Auckland
Jun 1874 member for Nelson 6th general synod Wellington
Apr 1880 member for Nelson 8th general synod Christchurch
Oct 1882 owner of land worth £230, wife owner land worth £200 (36)
1885 retired (37)
high Calvinist (12)
Dec 1887 p115 obituary (231)
Jan 1887 obituary (140)
Jan 1887 p1 obituary Church Messenger

Anne# married William# Jordan, son of William# Jordan and Anna# Cordwell???, on 29 Sep 1761 in Burton On Trent. (William# Jordan was born in 1729, died in Feb 1802 and was buried in Feb 1802 in St.Modwen's, Burton On Trent.)

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